Printing a better solution

Niche, specialty products are usually hard to find and are, at times, prohibitively expensive. And that’s if you can even find the appropriate solution to the problem you are facing. Enter 3D printing and cost effective one-off solutions.

Dennis Hammer, quality manager for our sister company Sunstone Circuits, was faced with the issue of providing clear, detailed and ultra-precise images to colleagues and customers from his microscope. The solution he was looking for was a simple adapter that would allow him to use his iPhone 6 to take pictures of board features or problem areas and quickly email them. He tried a couple of products he found online, but neither offered exactly what he wanted or had some undesirable side effects (such as damage to his phone).

Dennis contacted 3D Fixtures with his problem and asked if we could come up with a better solution. Taking his desired specifications into account, we crafted a simple case with an eye piece adapter that would allow for quick and precise image capture while being easy-to-use and, more importantly, wouldn’t damage or scratch his device. The adapter proved so useful that other employees sent in requests for similar solutions for their devices.


Side view of the adaptorThe adaptor in action


You can download the STL files for the “eyePhone” eyepiece adapter for free by clicking here (alternative Google Drive download).

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